We are not able to accept ANY clothing donations at this time. Do NOT bring your clothing or other non-food donations – we must dispose of them (and have to pay to do so)

We are still accepting food donations. Drop off food in the large tan container in front of the food pantry doors. Large donations are preferred in mornings from 9-noon so we can help you unload. If you are planning a food drive, please contact us by phone so we can coordinate marketing and preferred items with you!


Financial Support
Your direct financial donations are leveraged to buy food at bulk prices and cover the operating costs for the food and clothing distribution center.
Click here to Donate Online.

If you prefer to write a check, please make it out to:
    Pleasant Valley Ecumenical Network
    P.O. Box 561
    Saylorsburg, PA 18353
    Be sure to include your name and address.

What do your gifts do?

  • $10 —  Buys nearly 60 pounds of food to feed families in need across Polk, Chestnuthill, Ross, Eldred, Jackson and Hamilton townships in Monroe county.  Our bulk-buying power and access to national food bank services allows us to be much more efficient with your donation than donating food alone.

    Setting up your gift as a repeating monthly gift allows us to plan our purchasing and take advantage of special discounts.


  • $25 — Covers the food and transportation costs for 10 summer lunch meals in our special Summer Lunch for Kids program.
  • $100 — Pays about 8 days worth of the heat and electricity that it takes to store and distribute the food and clothing we give away to residents across southern Monroe County

You can also designate PVEN to receive a percentage of every Amazon purchase you make through their Smile Program.”  Click the link to set your preferences.

Food and Clothing

Bring your food donations to the PVEN Center at 2334 Route 209, Sciota PA 18354 and come to the lower rear entrance of the front building (center parking lot). 

It is best to bring food during our drop-off hours (9AM-Noon on Monday, Tuesday, or Friday).  You can also call (570-992-3136) to make an appointment to meet a volunteer during any other normal business hours.

The best foods to donate are canned and boxed foods with future expiration dates. Fresh fruits and vegetables are particularly welcome too.
Click Here for suggestions on the types of food that help people the most.  Also, ask us about special needs at the holidays.

It is best to bring food and clothing to the center during our drop-off hours (9AM-Noon on Monday, Tuesday, or Friday). Please bring fresh produce, eggs, and other perishables the 1st through 4th Tuesday mornings of the month at 8AM 

You may drop off Shelf-Stable foods in the big tan box in front of the pantry garage doors. 
Do not drop off meats or perishables in the tan box – They attract animals and/or will spoil – even in cold weather. 

(We are NOT accepting clothing donations at this time)

We ALWAYS need good used or new clothing. All ages and all seasons are needed. We have a special need for school clothes, special work clothes (scrubs, etc.) and new underwear, socks, sneakers, and toiletries. 
Please do not give us dirty, smoky, or wet clothing. We do not have any washing or drying facilities.
We do not accept furniture.