Clothing Closet Program

PVEN Choice Clothing Closet

PVEN’s Choice Clothing Closet provides free clothing, linens, and housewares to residents of Chestnuthill, Eldred, Hamilton, Jackson, Ross, and Polk townships in Monroe County. 

Recipients must pre-register and meet certain household income restrictions to qualify for aid.  

All participants must pre-register before their first clothing distribution, and must re-register once a year. 
Call (570) 992 3136 for a registration appointment.

Participants may visit the clothing closet once very three months. Several days are available during the month to meet individuals’ schedules.

Choice Clothing Close distribution is Friday mornings from 9am to 11am. 

Everyone MUST call some time during the week before they plan to visit to get a time slot. 

Arriving too early or too late may result in losing your      place in the queue, so call that morning if you need to            re-schedule.

What is PVEN's Choice Clothing Closet?

When recipients visit the clothing closet (pre-registration and appointment required) they check in and are given instructions on how many types of clothes they may select per family member.  Sometimes that list is tailored to the type of work or school age of the family member.  They can then “shop” through the display areas and select the clothes they know their family will wear in the sizes that will fit them best.

In season, PVEN also distributes coats, hats, and mittens – often working with other groups such as the West End Rotary. Another important program is the school uniform and shoes distribution that takes place toward the end of summer each year.  The volunteers also collect school supplies and backpacks for regular PVEN clients. Other special programs center on spring and summer clothing.

Throughout the year, PVEN purchases new undergarments, socks, and brassieres since these are items that are rarely donated in good condition.

PVEN clients can also pick up personal hygiene  items such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and diapers. And those who need bed linens and blankets may select from the PVEN shelves linens – especially if they are moving into a new home or recently lost their home.